Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blog Review: Content "Fraidy Cat Creations"

The blog that I found to be interesting and creative is called: Fraidy Cat Creations by Pat Atencio. Pat expresses herself through her art work, imaginative writing, and inspiring quotes. The Blog is geared towards other artists who are struggling to come up with new pieces. She gives details about her life as an artist, trying to sell her art work. Pat's blog caters to the old yet,popular world of craft: Making things with your own two hands; which can be difficult at first, and exciting when you finally see the end result of all the hard work. Pat makes clay pieces of Dragons, purses from scarps of old clothing (mostly jeans), and paintings of her cat Jake,who inspired her to paint as well as create this blog.

Dragon Pin - Violetta "This is Violetta! She's a shy little violet. Her colors are pale violet, antiqued with burnt umber and given a coat of gloss. She has blue glass beads and purple crystals adorn the ridge of her back. A tiny rose crystal adorns her forehead. She clutches a large blue crystal and doesn't let go even she she sleeps."

Pat gives a tiny story to describe each of her art pieces, she breaths life into them, giving them a name and a life of their own. As a viewer I was drawn to her use of words, to convey a special meaning for the pieces. She gives links to websites where she sells her work, as well as links to other artists. Pat allows her audience to be a part of her art world, by advertising her work, but letting the viewers have a chance to buy which best they want.Everyday she will post a quote that she feels can inspire others in the art culture: "Only the artist or the free scholar, carries his happiness within him," Ludwig Vana Beethoven.

By reviewing Pat Atencio's Blog, has allowed me to question my own. Though I express my writing on my blog and views of different art forms, I could post authors that have inspired me in my writing. This can give my viewers a window in the writing culture, and the process of coming up with ideas. I have realized that your not just writing a personal blog for yourself but for others who are interested in your opinions that are connected to theirs.

Though I think Pat's blog is amazing, I would like to see her post the works of artists that have motivated her, and details about what she has learned from them. Also maybe she could include her process of coming up with new works, and her own background of how she became an artist.

Overall I would like to recommend Pat Atencio's blog to other artists whose goal is to create their work, sell it in stores, and have their own business.

(links:http://www.etsy.com Pat's art shop website and http://www.fraidycatcreations.blogspot.com/)


  1. Much interesting here; however, I can't easily determine which elements you were systematically considering. Headings would have helped. Topic sentences, too.

  2. Just came across your blog and found the very nice review you gave of my blog. Thanks so much.